Golden States 31 May 2016


Hi all!
Is anyone else planning to go or booked on this tour? I’m travelling solo so would love to know I’m not alone haha



Heeeeey @Malika! i just commented on another post as well but i’m doing this trip too! Im also travelling solo & coming from Christchurch, NZ :smiley: sort of scary going alone but i’m getting so excited! I think i saw you are from Auckland? When are you flying over?


Hiya :slight_smile: feel free to add me on facebook (Malika MacMillan) and I can add you to the group chat we have with a bunch of us doing the tour. I think I’m flying Air NZ on 30th around 7:30pm! I was nervous to travel solo too, but it will be a good experience. Plus there seems to be quite a few other solo travellers on the trip also!


Hey!! I’m also going on this tour with a friend. We are from Queensland Australia :smiley: We are leaving Australia on the 30th may, and are staying at the topdeck accomodation the night before the tour starts. Are you guys doing the same?


There’s also a group chat on the topdeck app :grinning:


Hi everyone! I’m on this trip as well and I’m so excited!

I’m trying to log in to the app but it won’t work :frowning:

I’m thinking of booking a trip to Alcatraz as well and wondered if anyone else is planning on it?