Going solo to London?


Anyone looking to met up for some sightseeing or nightlife.[br][br]My Tenative plans [br]May 23- arrive in london, explore around my hostel (Kensington, Hyde Park)[br]May 24- explore London, enjoy a matinee or evening play (Chicago, wicked or Mamma Mia)[br]May 25- trip to Stonehenge/Bath[br]May 26- last day to explore London, enjoy an evening play[br]May 27- start tour


hey livi i would love to meet up for a show but i arrive 5am on the 26th. Its hard when ur by yourself so many things u want to do with another person! Sure u will find someone in ur hostel thats in the same boat. Have fun :slight_smile:


Hi [br][br]I arrive in London on the 23rd as well! & I am keen to do some sight seeing & enjoy the night the nightlife!.. where are u from ? what tour are u going on? I am on the European Getaway leaving 29th May


hi mel_jade,[br]What is your email?[br][br]mine is: lonelyplanet16@gmail.com[br][br]My name is Toya and I am from Houston, Texas USA.[br]What time do you arrive in London?[br]I will email you more info later.[br]


my email is meljade1@hotmail.com[br][br]my flight arrives at 5:30am![br][br]im not really sure what my plans are yet! i will be staying friends untill the tour leaves so not sure what they have planned, im sure they will be showing me around so it will be great for u to join us!