Going Solo to Europe July 2011


Hi Teagan,

I’ll be leaving Europe just before you however if you go to General Topic Discussions…then alone in London for 5 days, you may find this helpful :slight_smile:

xo Bec



Im a 20 year old female from Australia and it’s my first time overseas. I will be travelling solo to London for 4 days from the 24th July 2011 and than starting my European Venturer Tour on the 28th of July for 8 days. I will be staying in Rome for three days afterwards and leave on the 7th of August.

Is anyone doing this tour or will be in the London or Rome at the same time as me? Or does anyone have any tips for me?


ill be on london on the 28th!
then i start the spirit of europe tour on the 2nd for 22 days i think it is?


Yay awesome someone who will be in London when I am!!


Oh also I am staying at Hostel Clink.


I’m in UK same time and then go on a Grand Euro tour… might be tagging on same one if yours is a short tour…dates look similar. Not too sure.


thats cool,
ill be staying at the clink aswell


Hey guys - I am in the same boat
I land in London 30 July and start my tour 2 August …
I havent booked any accommodation yet so if anyone can recommend something that would be great :slight_smile:


i just saw that you have already been on a mega european tour… any tips !:smiley: im so excited for mine. thaaaanks x x


If you guys are going through London while travelling and are looking for things to do, have a look at Time Out’s London area guides…they’ve got information on the best things to do in some of London’s most exciting places:

London By Area


Hey! my names Brooke. Im 22 Aussie… heading to London on the 20th of july and will be staying in clink for 6 nights before my tour commences (grand european!) wooo fingers crossed we cross paths… not long now hey!! :slight_smile: xx


dude, we’re going to be at the hostel at the same time too!