Going solo on trips


I was hoping to hear from others who have gone and done any of the trips (especially euroclub) by themselves. Was wanting to know are there many couples and how many others in the group were also travelling alone.[br][br]And how they found the experience? Is it something you will recommend to others?[br][br]Thanks heaps.


hey allie, i did the grand europian trip last year by myself and it was fantastic. I have made some life long friends. Some of us are doing a trip together next year. There were 4 couples out of 26 people and the rest were single. i would recommend going alone to anyone, you will have a ball, i promise.[br][br]Bec


HI Allie, I just got back from a 26 day Hotel trip - Discover Europe. I am travelling by myself and had an absolute blast. There are 6 or 7 couples, all of which were awesome and the rest were all singles. It’s the best way to meet people - I have made some great friends! The driver on our bus went on to do a 14 day Club trip afterwards and he said there were no couples on the bus - 30 females and 11 guys. So it’s luck of the draw. But I thoroughly recommend it. I think you’ll prob have more fun on this sort of trip if you’re on your own because you get to meet more people.[br][br]Have fun!