[size=3]For those that have stayed at the London one, how is it? I believe I am staying there 2 days before my trip and one after. [br][br]I have never stayed in a hostel before and am quit nervous. Anything I should know, or any advice on what to bring? Also, how are the 6 person rooms? Do you ever get sleep or is it better to spend more money for fewer people rooms?[/size=3]


Hello! I am in the same position as you are. When are you staying there?? my tour leaves on the 23 August, so I will be staying there the night of the 22nd. I guess the more sleep you want, the smaller room to get…??


Hello[br][br]i have stayed there once and will definitely stay there again before my trip. it has young friendly staff and the breakfast is really good. i would suggest a 4 dorm room, because i like my sleep to be as interupted as little as possible. [br]the doonas (aka duvets) and pillows are quite comfy too, it is about a 3 minute walk to the tube and a 10 minute walk to Hammersmith (where you will find Primark if you need any cheap clothes and things)[br][br]Be Good, Or Be Good At It


Thank you Bridgey! I was eagerly awaiting some response and I am happy to hear positive things about it.[br][br]Oh Cass, I am going to be there June 12 and 13th.


Hey cassmelba[br][br]Thanks for the comment really appreciate. Do you think we can check in early in the morning at the hostel or do they have lockers where we can store our luggage? Because I,m arriving at London at 8.00am and would like to visit London without having to have my luggage with me all day.[br][br]DAvid


Hey Guys,[br][br]I am actuallly booking in another friend of mine there for tonight, and this will be the 2nd time she has stayed there too. [br][br]They generally dont let you check in early but they do have a huge storage area where you can leave your stuff and then go exploring, and its so handy with the tube being so close.[br][br]I am there on the 17th May, hope you guys have great trips.[br][br]Cass


Hi Bridgey[br][br]It is definitely the closest Airport. you go about 9 stops on the Piccadilly line and then change at Acton Town to the District Line (3 stops)and get off at Stamford Brook. Prob about 25-30 min max trip. you will be going from zone 6 to zone 2.[br][br]Cheers[br]Cass[br][br]Be Good, Or Be Good At It


Hey Bridgey,[br][br]I’m going to book the Globetrotter for the night before our tour too. Sounds like a good idea to me. We’ll get to meet each other before the tour starts.[br][br]Cheers,[br]Kris