Globetrotter inn changed


hi everyone, my travel agent has just told me that a rep for topdeck has said they may not be using the globetrotter in they maybe changing to a new hostel anyone no anything about this.


Yeah, the Globtrotter Inn is closing after 29 April. If you’re booked before that date then you’re fine. If after, then you’ll have to re-book at the new hostel that Topdeck will depart tours from. I don’t actually know what the new hostel is yet, I’m waiting to hear from by travel agent.[br][br][br]- Jolien -[br]Mega European 17 May 2009[br]Britain & Ireland independantly


Hi People,[br][br]It is true. I emailed Topdeck Reservations directly with my concerns about this and below is the reply that I got. I’m from Australia so this reply has come from their Sydney office. I hope this helps.[br][br]********************************************************************[br][br]Yes it is correct that the Globetrotters Inn in London will be closing at the end of April 2009. Topdeck has only recently been made aware of this and we are actively trying to secure replacement accomodation for all our trips. [br]We will be honouring all exisiting bookings and prices. As soon as a suitable alternative has been confirmed we will be updating all itineraries and switching the accomodation over to the new property. If you have already booked pre or post tour accomdoation with Topdeck for before or after April we will amend the booking for you. If you have booked your Topdeck trip through a travel agent they will be informed of the new details as soon as they have been confirmed.[br][br]**********************************************************************[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Craig[br][br]Spirit Of Europe 12th May 2009


Hey Craig,[br][br]Thanks heaps for that! I wonder when they will let us know the replacement… [br][br]So much to organise :o[br][br]Lou[br][br]Mega European [br](May 2009)


damn that sucks![br]i’m booked in for a week all up in july, so i guess that’s changing now![br][br]i wonder why it’s closing![br]i thought it was really popular![br][br]Colina[br][br]…grand european…[br]…July 28th 2009…


Holy! I never would have known that without this forum. I’ll have to chase my travel agent up about that for sure!![br][br]So what happens if you’re already booked and paid at the Globetrotter, does anyone know?? do i just lose my money or are they transferring bookings over to the new place?[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


Well I have booked 2 nights before the 14th April Spirit of Europe tour (12 and 13th) and from the 7 until the 14 May (post tour). [br]I booked this myself online months ago, and today have received an email from Globetrotter saying that they are organizing refunds for my money for the 7th of May - 14th May, but my April booking is fine. [br][br]I guess I’ll just wait and see where the tour is starting from to make any otehr decisions[br]


Hi All,[br][br]Reading my reply from topdeck, I beleive they are going to refund our money back or try re-booking us into there new accommodation venue that they choose. No advise has been told who there new provider will be, so I guess we can either wait to see or go see your travel agent about getting your money refunded and finding some other accommodation. eitherway we still up in the air of where our tours will start and finsish now grrrr.[br][br][br]I’m booked in for two nights prior to my tour and then 6 nights after my tour, all being in May and June, therefore I need to arrange my whole London accommodation and it is going to cost me more money which I don’t want to spend lol.[br][br]Lets all keep each other up todate in what information we all find out. Be sure to post it here.[br][br]Craig[br][br]Spirit Of Europe 12th May 2009


Ah!! This is a total bummer! I sure hope TopDeck can switch our accomodation and bookings over without any problems. Like Craig I cannot afford to fork out even more money for hickups like this :([br][br]Will be following this trend closely and keeping my fingers crossed that it will all be okay. As much as it would be appreicated to get my money back it was nice knowing the accomodation thing was sorted and was easily accessible from the airport and on location of tour departure.[br][br]Heres to good news in future crosses fingers[br][br][br]Adela and Leszek (Sis and Bro)[br]Summer Fun and Sailing June 26th 2009


hey guys,[br][br]i’ve emailed my travel agent.[br]She’s going to call Topdeck tomorrow and get the details about whether they’re switching our existing payments to the new hostel or whether we need to make brand new bookings.[br][br]She wasn’t aware of the hostel closing, but as soon as I hear back from her I’ll post her response.[br][br]Hopefully tomorrow.[br][br][br]Colina[br][br]…grand european…[br]…July 28th 2009…


My Partner and i are booked into the globe on the 29th of may before our tour european getaway its a shame its closing. anyone got any good ideas of where to stay instead?


Hi People,[br][br]I have emailed Topdeck again and was advised the following.[br][br]“At this stage they can not advise the name of the Hostel that there tours will depart from, however if you have already got bookings through your travel agent for the original accommodation at the Gobetrotters Inn, that they will get into rooms at the new Hostel accommodation and will honor the current price you paid for your room at the Globetrotters Inn, therefore you will not need to do anything yourself. They advise just be in contact with your travel agent so they can keep you up todate with the changes and confirm your been re-booked into the new hostel”.[br][br]Hopefully the above clears things up a bit and it seems Topdeck have got it under control, it’s just that official re-location can’t be advised atn this stage.[br][br]I wonder why Globetrotters is closing, as I was told this place was really good and popular. Hopefully the new place is the same.[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Craig [br][br]Spirit Of Europe" 12th May 2009


Cheers for that Craig :)[br]that’s great news they’re honouring the existing bookings.[br]I hope the new hostel is easy to get to from the airport, as i had it all sorted where to go from the tube at heathrow to the globetrotter![br]ah well! should be fine :)[br][br]Colina[br][br]…grand european…[br]…July 28th 2009…


Hi Colina,[br][br]As soon as we find out the name of the new hostel arrangements, we will all get on the this wonderful net and check how to get there from the airport using the tube.[br][br]As soon as I have sorted it out myself, I’ll be happy to give instructions on here ;-)[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Craig[br][br]Spirit Of Europe 12th May 2009


Hi All,[br][br]We have been working hard to find a good replacement for Globies and did not want to alarm you until we had found one.[br][br]Hoping to announce some very exciting news soon regarding the new hostel (by the end of this week) so watch this space![br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Hey guys,[br][br]Just got an email reply back from my travel agent and she told me that instead of the Globetrotter, they are going to be using the ‘genorator’ hostel. [br]I think i have heard of that. does anyone know what it’s like?[br][br][br]Colina[br][br]…grand european…[br]…July 28th 2009…


oops[br]spelling error. of course it’s ‘generator’[br][br][br][br][br]Colina[br][br]...grand european…[br]…July 28th 2009…


Hey, [br][br]I got told by my travel agent that they 14 April to 7 May Spirit of Europe will still be departing and returning from the globetrotter hotel. Its just when we get back we will be dropped out the front and have to sort it out from there. So my friend and I have kept our globetrotter booking before the tour and changed our booking afterwards to a hotel my travel agent recommended. [br][br]Cheers, Jess


Hey jess, that seems a bit silly, if the globetrotter is going to not be operating, would it not make sense to have the drop off, after the end of april, at the new hostel, as this will probably be where a lot of people will end up going to.[br]I checked out that website of the generator, and it actually looks really cool, its more central than globetrotter and its a bit cheaper, so all in all, not too bad a change. I too have emailed my travel agent, so will see her response, as I had booked the 3 day London package for the globetotter inn. Cheers, Happy Travels.


Admin[br][br]Are you able to confirm that the new hostel will be the Generator? I don’t want to book until I know for sure.[br][br]Thanks,[br][br]- Jolien -[br]Mega European 17 May 2009[br]Britain & Ireland independantly