Globetrotter 15-17 May


Hi Everyone ;D[br][br]I’ve given up trying to find people on my tour, but there seem to be quite a few tours starting around the same time so I thought I’d see if anyone will be at Globetrotter when I am![br][br]I’m arriving in London on 15 May and staying 2 nights until my European Odyssey tour starts on 17 May. Anyone else there then???


My tour leaves on the 15th, so I’ll just miss you.


I’ll just miss you too. I’ll be there on the 12th, with my tour leaving on the 13th.[br][br]Spirit of Europe.[br]May 13th. [br]:smiley:


Hi,[br][br]I’ll be there on 16th May for the summer fun and sailing starting on 17th. Might see you there, not long now…


Hi Tammy,[br]I’m on the European Odyssey tour starting 17th of May,flying in from Australia, I get to London on the 13th and will be staying at the Globetrotter Inn also.[br]Good to know (of) someone that is part of it. Not long now either, look forward to the time off work!


Tammy - finally somebody else on the same tour as us! I knew there had to be more out there :p[br]almqvist, my parter and I are on the European Odyssey departing May 17th and staying at the Golbetrotter Inn the night before aswell. Only 25 days until we leave now, can’t wait! See you both there :slight_smile:


Wow! Yay another person on our tour!![br][br]Hey almqvist :slight_smile: You have totally made our day! I’m from Perth, where abouts are you? I fly on 14 May and I absolutely cannot wait, and yes, it will definitely be great to get off work for all that time! [br][br]Are you going on any other tours or travelling on after this tour? I will be spending some time in Cornwall and Ireland after the Odyssey tour, then I’m doing the Topdeck Bravo Italia tour on 22nd June and the Edinburgh mini break in July.[br][br]So exciting just 3 and a bit more weeks!!


Hi Ondrea and Tammy,[br]I live on the Gold Coast, be flying in via Abu Dhabi.[br]You certainly got your Holiday planned Tammy, sounds great fun ;)[br]After the tour I’m off to Hungary for a week to meet some ancestors, i’ll have to make sure i don’t forget my alarm clock, as that flight leaves at 5.30am the morning after we get back from the tour! Pretty tough going![br]Hope the build-up to it goes awfully quick for you, it certainly only felt like last week when I was organizing it all (which was back in January).[br]Will be sure to catch up for a drink in London, hopefully…[br]Cheers - Roy


Hey Tammy,[br]Guess I miss you too as I arrive on the 17th for the tour on the 18th May. Have a great holiday8-)


Hi wenz, there seem to be a lot of people I’ll just miss meeting! Thanks, I hope you have a fabulous time too!![br][br]Roy - I’m glad I dont have to get on a plane first thing the morning after the tour! Great that you have people to see though:) I’m flying with Singapore Airlines, so going via Singapore from Perth. Really not looking forward to that long flight! I’m sure the next few weeks are going to fly by, there is so much to organise it’ll be time to pack before we know it! We definitely must catch up for a drink in London, you too Ondrea:)[br][br]Happy organising!! ;D