Hi Girls,
Im going on a tour in august and im not sure what sort of bags everyone was taking.
Did yous take a backpackers backpack or suitcase?
I was thinking about taking a suitcase and a day bag but i was just reading on other topic that you should take a shoulder bag for clubs and stuff…
Is a hand bag ok? or is that a bit unsafe cos of pickpocketers etc?

Cheers heaps :slight_smile:


Hi natasha, most ppl recommend a shoulder bag for day trips and a backapackers bag for your big bag as they are easier to get on and off the bus. there is a really good bag site called, they have all kind of bags, some are what they called theft proof, so ie tamper proof locks, zippers, slash proof etc etc.

hope this helps.


p.s what tour you going on??


hi Natasha how are you?

Im taking my luggage bag and a sholder bag for all my important stuff… im also taking a backpack but this will be left in my luggage as I am going to see family in a different country once my tour is over…

Hope this helps and have fun on your trip



Hi Natasha,

I went with a cross body bag as I am just not a fan of the back packs lol. Cross body bag is much easier than a shoulder bag as you can free your arms when you need to, and then in certain areas swing it to the front and put your hand on the zips in more unsafe areas of my trip.

xo Bec


Cheers heaps girls! :slight_smile:

At Kristy86 im going on the european wonder tour on the 10th August, hopefully it will be good :slight_smile: