Girls-Should I bring my GHD camping?


I’m doing the Mega European and then going on to stay in Europe for another 6 months or so. I really want to bring my GHD straightener especially for after the tour but I don’t want it to blow up or anything. Has any one brought their GHD over without any dramas?


Hi Hainesy,
I haven’t been to Europe yet but I’m definitely bringing my GHD straightener! Its the only quick, sure way to tame my hair. :-[ If you have the GHD Mk4 version you don’t need to worry about it blowing up because it is auto multi-voltage so will work anywhere in the world. However, if you have Mk3, you might need to invest in a voltage converter.


I’m totally bringing mine. I’m camping from athens to london, and me and my hair will be in a funk if i leave it at home.


Thanks guys :slight_smile: i think i do have an mk4 version i’m not sure though, it says its a ghd 4.2P (the hot pink one) it’s only about 1.5 years old do you reckon it will be fine? I tried googling it but couldn’t see. And another stupid question assuming I do have a mk4 version, I will still need a converter right?


Hi Hainesy,

If you have the Mk4 version, you don’t need a convertor. It will automatically set itself to the right voltage. :wink:


Be Careful! I would contact the manufacturer to ensure proper voltage control. (Blew mine up in Cuba… boo)


Hi akanders,

Really??? When I read the selling points for GHD Mk4, it did mention multi voltage… oh gosh… I really don’t want mine to blow (not that I’m going to Cuba), but it’ll be so heart breaking! :’( Has anybody been to Europe and used their GHD? Has it been fine?


One thing to remember is that when you’re camping, time in the bathrooms is limited and so are power points. Keep the time it takes to dry your hair in mind as often you’re on the road before 8:30 in the morning. I was often up at 6:00am to get first crack at the showers. If you need a lot of time to do your hair, you’ll need to be up even earlier as this is what you need to do on travel days:

  1. Shower, hair etc
  2. Breakfast
  3. Collpase tent
  4. Pack gear and get on bus

Doesn’t sound like a lot, but track the time back and it can lead to very early rises.

Stacey :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip Stacey!

I’m not doing the camping tour but the Euroclub so I don’t think I need to worry about tents. Do you know if power points would be an issue for Euroclub tours? Gosh…6:00am!!! :o I don’t think I want to get up that early to do my hair… maybe for showers…
Do you think 7:00am is enough to be able to get into the showers? or is there usually a long que by that time ???


thanks guys!

I have sent an email to GHD customer service re this just to make sure and will let you guys know their reply. I would be totally heartbroken if mine were to break…we’ve been through so much lol.

Yeah i’m prepared to get up early to do the hair, i’m a bit of an early bird anyways (even after a big night) so I think I should be fine. I also tend to shower in the evenings, so if that’s an option I should be sweet!


just an update - ghd have gotten back to me, and as we suspected if you have a version 4 it should be good for world wide usage, but obviously you will still need an appropriate adapter.



Cheers Hainesy!


Hi girls i travelled for 2months through europe last year and used my ghd everywhere! no problems at all! im taking mine again this year voltage is fine :slight_smile:


No offense but do you really want to be spending your time while you are away doing your hair? I think it’s just a waste luggage space…but that’s just my opinion. Some people are attached to their hair straighteners and having nice hair all the time.


haha please, i don’t even go to the local shop without makeup on. there is no way I’m not bringing my hair straightener, especially with all the photos that will be taken and the uncontrollable photo tagging on facebook. I’m just that kind of girl :slight_smile: so the answer to your question is yes, i will take 15 minutes of every day while i am away doing my hair.


Just a heads up everyone- apparently a GHD also doubles as a great travel iron!


Yes! Hair straighners don’t take up that much space! I can’t imagine curly boofy hair pics of all my holiday! I’m going to get one of those little travel hairdryers tho because I have quite long think hair.



Thank you so much Hainesy for checking up on the ghds. I was a bit concerned, my friend took hers to Hawaii with us and the voltage was just not enough to get it to work properly. Straightening hair took FOREVER. Don’t know what version hers was tho. Glad to hear mine will work in Europe though!!!

As for the people who mentioned not having time to straighten hair - they do have a point. On my contiki a few years ago I struggled getting to the bus on time every morning. HOWEVER, I didn’t take my hair straightener last time and regretted it. On nights out my hair looked terrible! I can handle hair looking average for trekking around for the days, but at night it is nice to dress up a bit! So it’s definitely accompanying me on this trip.


You should hair cut short for easy operation. not hot, do not take much time for grooming.


I was going to take mine but figured there’d be someone else with a pair who hopefully wouldn’t mind sharing. I don’t mind wearing my hair up all the time anyway