Girls foorweat for winter Europe tours!


So I have absolutely no idea what shoes to buy for everyday wear on my winter tour! I’m trying to find shoes that are waterproof - maybe long leather boots (expensive, but a good time to get them now in the Australian winter sales), but I’m worried they won’t be comfortable enough for everyday wear. Someone suggested the Hunter Wellington boots (which I really want now, and look awesome), but they also don’t look comfortable. The waterproof hiking boots that are around don’t look particularly nice, but I would be okay with wearing them if they were common around Europe??

Basically I have no idea, any guidance on style/brand/type/links would be awesome :slight_smile: thanks!


AHHHH! I am having this trouble too! I am in Europe for 2.5 months over winter and want to buy some decent boots. I loooove the look of the Hunter Wellington, but I don’t think they would be that comfortable. The other “nice” looking ones I found were Columbia Bugaboot.

Any help pleaseeee!


what ever you end up with, get yourself some waterproof spray (places like Anaconda, Aussie Disposals, Katmandu etc sell it), and give them a good 3 or 4 coats. It acts as a repellant and will stop the water “soaking” in. (just follow the directions and spray a corner first as a test to make sure it doesn’t mark the shoe).


Ahh me too! I’m thinking maybe some leather chucks? With some insoles for extra comfort and a few layers of waterproofing spray… though worried they won’t be waterproof enough! Interested to see what suggestions anyone has :slight_smile:


Apres Ski Boots, they are like Ugg Boots but waterproof and great for wear in the snow. I take mine to NZ all the time as they weigh next to nothing. They are extremely warm and are durable, so walking the streets in them is ok. I bought mine from a Factory Outlet for about $60, but they are worth it. Ive had mine for over 2 years now and they get plenty of wear. Great thing in most have removeable insides, so they can be machine washed (No more smelly shoes!!) :slight_smile:


Ahhh thanks Lauren!!

I just checked them out and they are exactly what I am looking for, somewhat fashionable but also really practical… They are on my list :smiley:


Glad I could help :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’ve also being ebaying some of these, thanks for the suggestion Lauren!


Winter boots are commonly used. Use socks that tolerate environmental conditions. Use resistant socks. I Highly recommend use waterproof shoes.


These are the boots I’m taking on my tour, many people have commented on their comfort and warmth!

I’ll be wearing pure wool socks too!


Just over the weekend I purchased a pair of good R.M. Williams boots that the two shop attendants recommended for my travel. Both of them said that they had worn R.M.s over in Europe before; one in fact mentioned that she wore them during Winter for a solid month and a half without any troubles. Haven’t decided on my nice going out boots yet, but will see what I come across.


Just remember that they salt the streets in Europe in winter and salt is hell on leather.

If you’re online, try the Icebreaker socks and other underthings. They are made from Merino wool, warm as and don’t smell if they get wet! They are also quick to dry and can be worn a couple of times before they need washing. I know you wouldn’t do that at home, but when you’re travelling, anything that can be worn more than once is a godsend.