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I have heard that most of these Euro Tours especially Contiki Tours do not have a balance between girls and guys on the tour, I have heard that on most of the Contiki tours the ratio is 80% girls to 20% guys, whilst there is no problems with this, it is good to hear how the demographic of the tour is like.

Is Topdeck the same, and is it mostly girls or guys, good mix, and is most of the people on the tours from Australia or the US or is there a good mix between countries.



Hi Tara,

Will depend on the tour I suspect but I did the Spirit of Europe and there was 12 guys and 26 girls! There were only 6 people who weren’t from Aust, 3 were from the states, one from China and two NZ. I think its just a matter of pot luck though really as to what the mix is like, though I do think these tours do tend to attract australians and females more than males.


i did the summer fun and sailing tour in september and there was 49 people at its peak and only 12 guys.
there was 7 couples on board so basically 5 single guys.
good if your a bloke i guess!
but yer mainly aussies and kiwis and 2 girls from the US and a korean girl.
My Mrs basically dragged me along as i think alot of guys would prefer to go to the US instead of Europe (i wanted to go back to US but absolutely loved it!)
So im thinking girls are more into the romantic places and that over there where as its sorta boring for most guys.