Girl/guy ratio?



Anyone been on any tours or have any thoughts on the girl/guy ratio?

Ive heard on some tours the majority is females?

Not that im looking at hooking up or anything as I have a partner but guys can bring a lot more fun into a tour! haha


Yep sorry Haylz - all I’ve heard is that EVERY tour is majority females and most guys that go are part of a couple… :slight_smile: I don’t mind - I’ll probably like looking at the European males more anyways! :smiley: hehehehe


bit different to going out clubbing hahaha


hahaha - I don’t know! It depends on where you’re going out :slight_smile:


where i am from its pretty much mostly guys so good change for me lol


I just got done with a tour in Australia and the group was mostly girls. Some of the guys that were in the group were part of a couple.

It seems like when we went out, it was mostly girls at the clubs/bars too which was kinda disappointing, but I still had a blast!