Girfriend is afraid of visa rejection


Hey all, in a bit of a sticky situation and was wondering if anyone could provide any sort of advice.

I met my current girlfriend while working in China. We have been together for five months now, and things are really really good.

She is a Chinese citizen, 31 years old, and she has a respectable job (does accounting for a teaching company). Nothing crazy, but it’s enough to get by. She is traveled to Thailand, France, and the UK before, but she tried to travel to America last year and she was denied the visa at the interview after only being asked a single question (are you traveling alone?). Because of this rejection, she is afraid to apply for a Canadian tourist visa, because she is worried that if she gets rejected then it may make it harder for her to get a visa later in the future.
My friend may be able to get me a rare job opportunity here in Canada, so there is a possibility I may need to stay here for a year. My girlfriend says she is feeling really uncertain about all of this now. At her age, she doesn’t know if she can hold off for a year - her age is a little sensitive as it is already. What kinds of suggestions could you provide for us? Do you think she should just try to get the Canadian tourist visa?
I am going to meet a Canadian immigration lawyer but before that, if I could get suggestions from you all then it would be nice. I really really appreciate any advice or opinions anyone can offer at all. Its been a little difficult for us lately, especially with my departure date nearing closer and closer.

Thanks again for any help anyone can provide