Getting info about my tour!?


I booked the 10 day moroccan explorer Aug 2012 through sta travel but don’t seem to have been provided with any info apart from the minimum on my itinerary from sta. Is there other stuff I need to know? Surely there is, I don’t even know where I should meet them. Do I obtain this info from my travel agent or from sta? Also, I booked post-tour accommodation but haven’t been provided of any details regarding this.
Thanksss! :slight_smile:


Maddie - generally 4-5 weeks before the tour you will get more information via your travel agent which will have the details your after… doesn’t look like your far off that now so maybe check with them…


Hi Maddie! I’m on the same tour but haven’t received any information from Topdeck yet, will check with my travel agent soon. See you then!


Hi guys,

Detailed Pre-Departure information gets sent 6 weeks before your trip leaves. This gets emailed through to you by our reservations team or your agent if you used one.

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Topdeck Team