Getting from Split to Venice


Hi there!! I am actually having to make my own way from the Croatia Sailing which ends on the 29th May and have to find my way in to Venice by the 30th May for another Top Deck tour…Anyone got any ideas for how I can get between Split and Venice?! (Ferry or Bus or Train) Tried flights but cant seem to find the appropriate route!

Also I am going to be travelling on my own. I will be in Split by the 20th May before the Croatia sailing on the 22nd of May. Anyone keen to perhaps meet up to explore the city? :slight_smile: Im 21 years old from New Zealand :slight_smile:


Hey! OK, so there are no direct ferries between Venice and Split as Split is in the southern coast of Croatia (the Dalmatian coast) and Venice is in the northern part of Italy etc.

There are, however ferries from Split to Ancona in Italy - then you could get a train from Ancona to Venice?
The train takes approx. 4 hours - some are direct, for others you need to change in Bologna.

You may find this site helpful for ferry information [/url] or could check on the ferry operator’s site [url=]

You could check the trains in Italy here:

For flight options, check out
which will give you some comparisons. Word of warning: these flights are not exactly cheap…

Good luck!