Getaway nov 29 booked out


Hi guys!! who is booked for the Euro Getaway november 29th?? the tour is booked out! yippee! so U people must be out there somewhere?[br]Be good to hav a chat![br]


Hi, My friends and I are booked to go on the 29th November trip! We can’t wait!


Hi,[br]My friend and I are going on this tour. We are very excited and it should be lots of fun if its booked out. We are both 21 and are from australia. How about u? It would be good to chat to anyone who is also going on this tour.[br]Hope to hear from you soon.


Im 22 from Melboune. Going solo!!! very excited! Its gonna be awesome


Hi guys :slight_smile: [br]I’m on the tour too, doing it alone so it’d be great to get to chat with you before we leave :)[br]I’m Kimberley, 18, I live in New Zealand. Doing the tour as part of my OE ;D[br]


oh dear! all Aussie’s so far - looks like I’ll be up for some trans-tasman rivalry!:stuck_out_tongue:


Hi,[br]We are both from NSW. Are you flying in before the tour? If so when?[br]Kimberly where are abouts in NZ are you from. I went to NZ 18months ago and tour around everywhere I loved it.[br]Also do either of you have msn if so whats you address?[br]Hope to talk soon


Hi my friends and I are 18, 19 and 20 from Brisbane (Emma, Pip, Aneesa). I am assuming this but it seems to be all Aus/NZ girls?


Im flying in to London on the 26th. Im staying at the Globetrotter. Gonna spend a few days checking out london before the trip.[br]Sounds like a chick trip so far!!


where are you staying for the rest of your exchange Kimberly? Has anyone been to Europe before? im a bit scared going on my own…but Im looking forward to meeting all you guys[br]


I’ve been to Paris and London before and my friends that are coming have done a tour through Europe before with our school.


We are flying into London on the 28th the day before the tour but we get there in the early hours of the morning and we are staying at the Globetrotter that night. Yeah it does look like an all girls trip. No we havent been to Europe before.[br]Looking forward to meeting you all.


I’m flying to London on the 20th Nov. I’ll be staying at the Globetrotter the night before the tour leaves though. [br]I’ve been to Europe once before on a student exchange to Germany - absolutely loved it! I’m going back to Germany for christmas so I can stay with my host family again. you’re welcome to e-mail/MSN me


Hey Kimberley,[br]Ive added you to my msn so we will be able to chat more.[br]What time of year did you go to europe previously?[br]Talk soon


ive added you too Kimberly. my email is if others want to msn


how much spending money are you guys planning to take?[br]


The recommended amount seems to be about 40-50 euros each day. so I guess I’ll take about NZ$1500.[br]my question for you guys is:[br]What are you hoping to get out of this trip??


what im hoping to get out of the trip-[br]1- see a bit of Europe, and learn some new things about amazing places ive never been before[br]2- Meet some new people.[br]3- Have a totally awesome fun holiday! full of laughs! a good break


Hey,[br]I’m pretty much the same. Looking forward to seeing a bit of the world, meeting new people and having an awesome time.[br]Not long till we go. I can’t wait.


yeah, I’m pretty much the same as you guys. See other countries, try new things, meet new people and have a blast![br]I think my main fear with doing tours has always been that I’ll just end up on a bus with a bunch of boozy people of my own culture. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude, I’m just not keen to be drinking 24/7 and missing out on the amazing places and cultures we’ll be visiting![br]anyone else share similar worries??