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Sometimes I use their list of things to do in Paris, to sneak in a quick gallery visit, museum exhibition or limited run Broadway performance. My tourism ideas have become much more focused and I realized that I like to take city trips and tour by foot. Carnet guide is one of my best sources. Walking the city’s best neighborhoods gives me a first hand look at insider addresses and the shopping is so much more about small boutiques and luxury finds.

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Art on display Grand Palais | Champs Elysees

Take a stroll through the gardens of the Champs Elysee to visit the art paintings by Edward Hopper on display at the Grand Palais. Until January 28, 2013, the exhibit space showcases his talent of taking simple subjects and transforming them into sophisticated compositions. The exhibit also includes works he created during his stay in Paris.

Restaurants in Paris Haute Cuisine | Michelin Stars

The top Paris restaurants require advance reservations, so spend a little time browsing our restaurant reviews and be sure to dine with at least one Paris Michelin restaurant. The experience of the service, preparations, technique and beautiful dining rooms is a souvenir in and of itself. Some of the famous Paris restaurants include Guy Savoy, Joel Robuchon, Thiery Marx, Alain Ducasse, Arpege, and Senderens. For a departure from haute cuisine you can try French brasserie Lipp, cafe at Ralph Lauren or trendy Paris Italian restaurants like Stresa.

All about Paris Eiffel Tower | Trocadero

Visiting Paris is something every luxury traveler should do at a least 3 times. The center of the city is divided into walkable neighborhoods and there is always something new to discover. To get acquainted with how the city of lights is divided by the Seine, visit the Trocadero to get the best view of the Eiffel Tower, then walk across the Seine and scale up to either the restaurant or the third level observation deck of the Eiffel tower to view all there is to treasure about Paris, France. In the evening, the lights along the structure make an amazing spectacle.

Carnet guide is as good as a travel advisor with things to do in Paris
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