Generator hostel


hey[br]i’m going to b stayin @ the generator hostel from june 27th till the 30th, is n e one else goin to b stayin there from the topdeck tours?? i’m goin to b all by my lonesome! has ne one also stayed there b 4?? is it n e good![br]bec!


Hey there,[br]I’ll be staying there the night of the 26th of June, departing on the 27th when my tour starts. I hear it has had big renovations, but I also hear that its a bit dodgy, so I guess I’ll find out when I get there.[br][br]Deanna


Aparently the locals call it The Penetrator, so I guess that tells you a bit![br][br]I am going on the Spirit of Europe trip, leaving April 28th 2009.


ohhh that doesnt sound good! oh well its just a place to sleep, i will b to busy exploring london! i dont wanna spend my days in a hostel n e way! thanx :slight_smile:


I’ll be there July 12 & 13.[br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun


hey bec![br]i’ll be staying @ the generator on the 22nd of June til the 24th then back on the 28th til the 30th!![br]might see u there[br]What tour are you going on???[br][br]Shelley


does anyone know why they closed the globetrotter, that was a good one?[br][br]Bec


hey hahahah sorry i forgot to say wat tour i was doin, i’m goin on the european pioneer! a nice long tour! lol![br]:slight_smile:


Hey Bec[br][br]I will be staying at the Generator (by myself too) from the 28th till the 30th so I will get in contact so we can meet up before the tour :-)[br][br]Cheers[br][br]European Pioneer [br]Apr 30th '09


hey clarkie[br]ohhh good yeah it will b good to catch up wif sumone before the tour![br]r u planin to do alot in ur first couple of days in london?? where abouts from aus r u from?


Hey Bec[br][br]I’m not sure how much I will get done in the days before the tour, I will probably just get over the jet lag and have a bit of a walk around London as it is my first time overseas. I have a few months after the tour so will do most of my exploring then.[br][br]What do you have planned before the tour?[br][br]I am from Brisbane, where abouts are you from? You can add me on facebook on if you want :-)[br][br]Cheers[br][br]European Pioneer [br]Apr 30th '09


hey yeah i wil probably b the same! i wanna have a wonder around london! i also have time after the tour to explore! im just gona wing it! lol i’m from melbourne! yeah i will add u 2 facebook![br]:slight_smile:


Just thought i’d throw my 2 cents into this post :)[br][br]I’ll be staying at the Generator on the 27th July (Night before my Grand European Tour) and then again on the 4th September (night before my Britain & Ireland tour). If anyone else is gonna be there on these days/nights would love to meet up for a drink or a game of pool as i too am a solo traveller.[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


hi bec[br]are you sure the globetrotter closed?[br]i booked to stay there for my trip in june.[br]im doing european wonder on 11[br]ummm need to check it out[br][quote]Originally posted by Bec1[br]
does anyone know why they closed the globetrotter, that was a good one?[br][br]Bec[br][/quote]


Hey [br]Been reading the comments about Globetrotter Inn, I wanted to stay there too. Aparently there was some legal problems, trouble with neighbours that kind of thing so they chose to close the place end of April if they havent done so already. You should probably check with whoever you booked your tour with to see if they have changed your accomodation.[br]


Hey,[br]Im Kristie-Lee and ill be staying from the 21st July till the 24th when my trip for summer fun slaing leaves! anyone else doing this tour or staying around the same dates???[br]Just thought i would ask!! :)[br][br]KB


I am going to be staying there may 15 and then june 4-7. is anyone else going to be there then?? or going on the european getaway tour leaving may 16? let me know!!


Hi Kristie, [br]I’ll be staying at The Generator from the 20th Jul to the 23rd so maybe we can catch up! I’m travelling on my own so would be good to meet someone :-)[br][br]Kimberly[br]European Pioneer 23 July 2009


hey Vicki is it, I’m Darryl. I’m staying at the generator on the 15th of may as well,am doing the trail of berlin tour (pretty sure its the same as yours except our tour finishes up in berlin its not a round trip). [br][br]


awesome!!! are you going alone or with other people?[br][br]European Getaway[br]May 16 2009