General stuff


Hey guys, [br][br]Just wanted to find out some general stuff for my trip. Doing the camping, athens to london on 8 June with my girlfriend. Does anyone have any tips on what to take etc etc. [br][br]Quick question, what is the situation with power points to charge up cameras, ipods etc. Do they have facility on the bus.[br][br]Never done a camping trip before, but bought some rucksacks the other day for it, so any advice on what to pack and all tha jazz would be great. Obviously space is limited, so wanna find out what is really essential to take. [br][br]And just incase any of you are staying in athens for a night before this trip, where are you staying. Otherwise, if anyone has done this, or just knows a good place to stay for night, please let me know too. [br][br]Peace and Love!!