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I am busy deciding on a couple of Topdeck trips but am just concerned about budget. I know a lot of meals etc are included but what is the recommended daily budget?? Optionals and drinks and shopping are the only real expenses that I can think of…

Any help would be great!



You could “survive” on very little. Ideally, you probably want to enjoy your expensive tour, so it would make sense to budget about $50USD per day. This allows for eating out during the day, cab/train fares, museum/sight entry fees, weird incidentals (laundry, supplies, toilet fees, etc), and most significantly alcohol and shopping.

Obviously you have to budget for you, but budgeting high is much better than being too low and going broke mid tour.


Depending on what countries you’re visiting will depend on the budget you need. If your tour is predominantly Eastern Europe then food in particular will be much cheaper than in Western Europe. In the major cities (Paris, Rome, Venice etc) eating in a cafe or bistro will cost between 20-30EUR for a meal and a drink. However, if you’re clever, you can cut this back by heading down the smaller streets and finding places where the locals eat. This will reduce costs to about 15-20EUR for a meal and drink.

I’ve always found that the most expensive meal of the day is lunch, not only in cost of the food but also in time. By the time you decide on a place to eat that doesn’t cost the earth and then get fed, you can spend almost 2hrs. In some places, this means eating and heading back on the bus. If possible, always take advantage of the packed lunch that the tour may provide. Fantastic for being able to eat on the run and then you just need to get a drink. Remember in Europe that unless you ask for tap water, you will be charged for water, so often it’s easier and cheaper to get a soft drink or juice.

Depending on what type of experience you want (party central or cultural) will also depend on your budget. Museums average betweek 8-15EUR for entry and if you want a souvenier afterwards, even a postcard will be 1-2EUR.

I would probably budget in EUR not USD as this is now the major currency in most places. Also, think about getting a TravelCard (through somewhere like Travelex) which means you can spend in EUR not your local currency. You can also then top up by BPAYing money onto it via the internet, which is great as you only need access to a computer and don’t have to worry about cashing travellers cheques or finding a Western Union if you’re having money sent.

Hope this helps.



Thanks guys!


Also remember that the cost depends on when you’re travelling- high season or low season. Best idea is to save as much as possible and make up an approximate budget per day. Check out lonely planet books as they have an approximate budget per day for each country. That’s how I’ve been able to get a rough idea as to how much I’ll need o save from my job at a real estate agent
to afford to travel through europe.


I am planning to travel a tour to Paris. What you share is wonderful. Especially as I like to drink coffee.


Hey Matthew,

Just wanted to know are we allowed to keep the daypacks with us in the coach or it has to be put back into the backpacks each time we are back in the coach to travel to the next destination?



You can bring your daypack on the coach with you. Anything in your main bag under the bus is essentially non-accessable during a drive day so it would be smart to make sure you have what you need in your day bag.