General Info on Topdeck & Russia & Scandi Trips


Hi :-)[br][br]I know this is a pretty broad request but I’m wanting to hear from anyone and everyone who has done a Topdeck tour in the past and what they thought about it, in general.[br][br]I have done two Contiki’s and so I know how they operate and what they’re like but am not sure if that’s similar to Topdeck or really different![br][br]I’m looking into Topdeck for my next tour as they target the areas I really want to see better than Contiki (ie: Russia and Scandi). Is anyone else planning a tour for Russia and Scandi next year? My dates are pretty flexible so whenever suits me![br][br]Also, has anyone done a tour of Russia and Scandi with Topdeck and if so, how was it?[br][br]Thanks for your help!