Gaudi Glitz May 16-31 2017 (Part of the Euro Pioneer Tour May10-June15 I believe)


Just booked today and am pretty excited! I fly in the day before it all kicks off so I would love to hear from anyone on this tour too :slight_smile:


Hey Renee! I have also just booked and will be on this tour with you! Flights are yet to be booked but I will also be flying in the day before :smile:


Oh thank God, I had a couple split second thoughts where I’m like “shit… I hope I’m not the only one on this tour” haha!! Nice to meet you, not long to go now hey! A little under two months :smiley:


Getting close now! Where are you from? I’m 21 and from Perth, Australia! :smile:


STOP IT!! Kiwi in Perth, 25 :slight_smile:

I’ll be heading to Dubai first for a week, then fly over to Barcelona from there to start the trip.


Get out!! Haha how good! I’m actually flying through Dubai and get to Barcelona the day before the tour starts so it wouldn’t surprise me if we end up on the same flight!


What a small world this is, ah this is great!! My flight for Barcelona from Dubai leaves at like 8am in the morning on the 15/5 I believe, would be pretty funny if you were on the same flight haha!! :smile: