Gaudi and Glitz June 2018!


Hey, my names Gaby and I’m thinking about booking this trip, just wondering if anyone was joining this topdeck? :slight_smile:️ I’m a solo traveller From Sydney, Australia and this would be my first time travelling alone! Want to see if anyone else is keen on this trip!


Hi! My name is Gregoria and I’m from Melbourne, also a solo traveller! I’m also thinking about booking this trip but from mid June 2018! :slight_smile:


Yay! I would be booking mid June as well! I was hoping to maybe spend a bit of time either side of the trip in Barcelona and then in Greece!


Hi, I would be a solo traveller as well coming from Newcastle Australia. I was thinking mid June 2018 as well


I am so keen! But only have leave in May so would be doing the 15-30th May trip!


Hi, Wondering if anyone will be travelling from sydney for the Gaudi and Glitz trip starting on the 7th July 2018, and would like to book the same flight together so I won’t be travelling alone. xx


Hi all :slight_smile: I have booked in the Gaudi and Glitz Sat 23 Jun - Sun 08 Jul 2018 tour! Is there anyone else who will also be on this tour?


Hi I’m jenna from USA, I was thinking of doing that time as well! but i am not sure yet!


hey! me, my sister, her friend and my boyfriend will be on this trip :slight_smile:


Wow theres a lot of you going! I will be alone haha. Where are you all from?


We are all from Brisbane,
arriving in Barcelona at 7:40 am on the 23rd
Where are you travelling from?


I am from Melbourne and will be arriving to barcelona on the 22nd. Atleast you will going with a tan :joy: