Gatwick Transfer to Whitechapel


Wondering if someone could comment on the best way to get to Wombats on Dock Street from Gatwick, and back. I don’t want to spend a fortune for a private car, but I’m wondering if there are other options. How complicated is it to take a train, then a tube, then walk…or is it better to take a train and then a cab instead of a tube and walking. We will have luggage, although not a lot. Thank you for your help. (This will be on a weekend morning.)


Hi there,
Best option would be the Gatwick express train - takes about 30 mins to get to Victoria station.

From Victoria station, you can get the tube towards Aldgate East/Whitechapel
You’ll need the green tube line (District Line)
not sure where your end destination is, but if not far you could walk from there maybe

another other would be to get a taxi from Victoria Station to your destination.
If you have heavy luggage or lots of it, then i would recommend a taxi from Victoria station

Hope that helps