Gap 18th July 09


Hi, I’m Maddy, anyone else on this trip? I’m on the contiki Spanish Spree 16th Aug after this, better see you on at least one ot them.[br][br]Maddy


Am I the only person going on tour ? Of the 400+ people that viewed my notice, not 1 person replied, amazing. Well its all go anyway, only 6 weeks to go, I can’t wait. It looks like an awsome tour, going to all the places I want to go. The dollars up and the suns shinning, life just couldn’t be better. All to do now is JUST DO IT, see ya Maddy[br][br]Maddy


Hey Maddy

I am guessing you are travelling on the European Explorer. Rest assured you are not the only one! Our Gappie trips usually fill up completely! Perhaps check out our facebook page to connect with people on your trip!

I am sure you will have an amazing trip! Their is nothing better than Summer in Europe!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Topdeck Team

Kind Regards,