Game Parks & Gorillas - Starts 17th September 2016


Hi Guys :grinning:

A friend and I have booked our spots for the Game Parks & Gorillas tour, super excited!! I know it’s 12 months away, but time flies! Anyone else also booked on this tour? Be great to get to know people before the journey starts.

Also, has anyone been on this tour and can provide any tips?

Jasmine Xo


Hullo my friends, iam a Ugandan and i have tracked Gorillas in several occasions, its one of the greatest experience who can never forget in life. More of Human actions but in the wild and this makes us to remember the history of mankind as time went and passed on.
They are our closes ancestors who have almost everything like as sharing 90% of the homonyms with us, great to see the young ones dancing and jumping in trees as they play and the male dominant moving and monitoring the family. what a wonderful activity you can ever miss in life as long as your traveler.