Fun and Sialing Tour on May 3


Is anyone going on this tour


Yeah I am going. I’m travelling on my own. Hope it will be lots of fun.


I’m going on the tour. Going solo so I’ll probably be the only one on the tour who’s not from Australia but it should be a good time.


Awesome. How old are you Jon? I’m 21


I’m 22, I finish school this yr, so I figured I’s have one last month long party before I get stuck with a job.


Hey Ill be on the tour. Im from Perth, and travelling solo to! Where u guys staying before?


I’m staying at the globtrotter the night before the tour and the two nights after. Hopefully it will give me a chance to see some of London and at least partially recover from jetlag.


Ah cool im staying around the corner at the holiday inn for first 2 nights got a deal through my work. Im at the globetrotter for 3 nights after the tour


I’m at the globetrotter 1 night after the tour. Possibly longer. I’m at another hostel somewhere for the 4 days before. How long are you guys staying in london for? I have a 2 yr working visa and am planning on staying 12months.


Ah cool. Um i have 2 nights before the tour and about 3 or 4 after i have to come home for work unfortunately. :frowning:


I’m there for the month of May, it would be cool to stay for a year or so, but I need to pay of the student debt and it’s a whole lot easier to find work back home.


Haha if you love the tour so much get a job with Topdeck or another company they are always recruiting. A year does sound good tho. Where is Aus are you guys from?


I’m from Brisbane although after my year away I hope to move to the Goldcoast.


I’m from Canada, the Toronto area although I hope to move away from here. Not exactly in Australia but I do hope to travel there at some time.


Ah ok cool. Sorry i just miss read where you were from Jon. It’s going to be a good fun tour i reakon


Yeah it should be great. I’m really looking forward to it. Hope that the weather isn’t too cold tho.


I’m not real concerned about it being cold, I’m kind of used to it by now, so long as it doesn’t rain a lot.


It shouldn’t be. Few of my mates were over there in May last year and the said the weather was good.


Thats good. I hope it is nice enough for us to be able to swim on the days when we are sailing.:slight_smile:


Yeah i know. Thats what im looking forward to the most