Free tour in hanoi vietnam with local students


have you heard about any student-run tour guides organization in Hanoi, Vietnam? If not, take not in case you have intention of visiting Vietnam someday.
Among many student-run non-profit organizations in Hanoi, HANOI FREE LOCAL TOUR is one of the most outstanding ones. Founded not long time ago, our organization perfomed successfully hundredes tours with nice foreigners coming from all around the world. our tour guides are students in Hanoi who are trained well, friendly, positive and very nice. you certainly will have great time like real locals with them. the only thing you should know is that you don’t need to pay any charge for free tour guides all we want to get is your love to Vietnam and your own stories. It’s is no big deal, right?
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I had opportunity to meet them before. They’re friendly and supportive, gives me insightful stories about historical monuments and attractions around Hanoi Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake area, quite similar to this Hanoi Itinerary.
I really like free stuffs so if I have time, I will go with them again.