Free Promo Oktoberfest Tour Sept 24


Hey Fellow Beer Drinkers,

My name is Tamara and Im a 24 yo Aussie nurse living in London. I booked the Russia Scandi tour today and as a promo got a 4 Day Camping Oktoberfest Tour for free from 24th Sept, Ive been last year and had an ABSOLUTE blast so super excited although will be heading there on my own, Any other fellow single travellers? Or people who’ve scored the free trip?



Hey Tamara

I’m a Saffa in London and took advantage of the same promo as you! I’ll have a few mates at Oktoberfest but i will be the only one doing the topdeck camping. Looking forward to it!



I just booked this tour too - make ur own way camping 24th-27th Sep. Never been before, going with two others I met on a previous topdeck tour :slight_smile:


Hi Tamara

I’m a 24 yo from Melbourne. I’m also travelling solo on the 4 day Oktoberfest camping tour.
Can’t wait. I’ll see you there.