Free Days


Any of you know how these “free days” work? I see from the itinerary on my trip that there’s 4 free days in Paris, Swiss, Rome and Prague. If i wanted to do the optional activities, how will i know what time they begin/end so i can plan around those activities? Example - in Paris, there is a bike tour, boat cruise and a picnic. How can i plan around those activities since there is no time table on the trip notes or should i assume doing these will take the whole day?


its the same on most trips. you do what you want in the city.
there are options of what you can do.
but there is no set things that day


ADubs, check out your original post in European Getaway. Some details for you there! Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Your trip leader will have the schedule and usually it’s posted each day. The optional activities are scheduled and times will be mentioned usually the day before so you can plan your free time accordingly. In my 3 tours, only one of the optionals a was a full day one.
Hope that helps!


Hi ADubs,
I recently just got back from a topdeck tour and free days allow you to do whatever you want and see whatever you like. Our trip leader would generally give you an idea of things you can do the day before, ours even gave us transport options like train stops. In Paris, if things are still the same, the boat tour could be done at anytime, the bike ride was I think 1 or 2 hours in the afternoon and the picnic was for dinner.
Most optionals were only a couple of hours and the only optional I can remember that was all day was the trip up Jangfrau in Switzerland