For admin: Getting from Split to Venice


Hi there

Im finishing off the Croatia Sailing in Split on the 29th May. Im wondering if you could tell me the best way to get to Venice by 30th May for the European Escape (Ferry, Bus, Train). Much appreciated. Thanks.


What time is expected for your tour to end? I’m not admin but I did look into this. There is a ferry from Split to Ancona and then it looks like you’ll have to take a train from Ancona to Venice but it all depends on what time your first tour ends and what time the second tour starts. There are two trains from Ancona into Venice it looks like. One at 6:08pm and one at 2:30am. I assume that you are going to be taking the later which doesn’t arrive in Venice until 7am, at which point your second tour is probably going to leave. Maybe it’s best to e-mail the reservation desk to help you out with this as opposed to the boards.

Good Luck!