Footwear for europe


Hi, i was just wondering what sort of shoes i should wear on the mega european in july-august? i suppose thongs would be impractical

And also just as an after thought, what i should bring generally? ive only seen luggage lists for girls so far.

Thanks, Jarrad


Hey Jarrad,

I reckon you would probably need three different types of shoes - sneakers for long walking tours, nice shoes for going out in and a pair of thongs (handy for slipping on when you’re not going too far). Don’t forget socks also! ;D


Hey Jarrad,

I’m a girl lol, but I’m doing the mega euro & 2 other trips from april and plan on taking 1 x pair of thongs, 1 x pair of comfy sandals, 1 x pair of heels for going out, 1 x pair of sneakers.

xo Bec