Food on tours



I have a quick question for people who have already been on a Topdeck European Tour.

I’m thinking of booking on the European Getaway but am concerned about the food on tour. I’m a bit of a fussy eater and am concerned (maybe even worried) that I won’t eat anything on tour.

What sort of meals did people have on tour, both those taken at restaurants and those prepared by the on-trip chef. Was there a choice in what you had and was it frowned upon if someone decided not to eat with the group.



The food on tours was really good. Breakfast usually had cereal and also a cooked option. Lunch you can do whatever you want, except on travel days, when the cooks tend to have a buffet style lunch with salads and meats. Dinners were varied. I know the last time we were in Florence, we decided not to go back to the camp with everyone and as long as we told the tour leader where we were going (so that their head count wasn’t off) it was fine. There’s options for vegetarians, vegans and diabetics (we had some of each on our tour) and allergies as well. So, if you’re fussy, there’s usually something you can eat. Remember though, that part of the fun in touring is trying out the local food and the cooks tend to buy locally so you can eat what the locals would.



I just confirmed with the chef on day 1 of our tour. Due to an allergy I have, I went vegetarian for the tour and it was fine.


my friend and i did a tour in january and she was a vegetarian and i think she got the best meals…plus she got them first!
I dont know where ur going on tour but i didnt really like the food in switzerland…overall the food was fine!


The food is so bad why? You can bring food home.


Hey Guys,

I will be traveling with TD soon and I have an onion allergy. Do you know if this can be catered for?



Hi Sarah

If you booked through Topdeck just shoot us an email and we can add it onto your list of dietary requirements and we will look after you as best we can. If you booked through a travel agent just let them know and they can pass that information onto us!

Happy Travels!