Food on Euro Hotels trips


Hi peoples. Just wondering what sort of food options are available with our pre-paid dinners on the tour?


All dinner meals by memory that were included in the trip were a 3 course meal. Some places we ate at alternated between 2 dishes, so you may get chicken but the person next to you might get beef. You can always swap. If you are vegetarian or have any dietary requirements let it be known when you make the booking. The Eiffel Tower picnic dinner is great…so many choices.


Hi,[br][br]Dinners on our Eurohotel trips largely consist of a set menu, unless you have a specific dietary requirement that we cater for (i.e. vegetarian). There are a few exceptions where you may be offered a choice but as a rule you get a set meal.[br][br]I hope this answered your query.[br][br]Cheers & have a great trip![br][br]Anita