Food on bus?


Hey everyone I was just wondering are we allowed to take little snacks(crackers,fruit,lollies etc) to eat on the bus when travelling from place to place? Thanks


Hey MissyT

Although not encouraged, you will be able to bring snacks onto the bus. The driver is responsible for cleaning up the bus so as long as it is nothing tooooo messy, there shouldn’t be a problem!

Happy travels!


whenever we stopped at service stations everyone loaded up on snacks and drinks and ate them on the coach. As long as we didn’t spill stuff (especially drinks) it was fine. some days when we stopped for picnic lunch on the road it was pouring with rain so it was not really possible to eat outside! we were not allowed to drink alcohol on the coach though after a couple of incidents and a vomit :stuck_out_tongue:


We were definitely allowed to bring snacks on the bus, just no hot food (smelly!) and no dairy (if you spill it on the seats it gets really smelly) :slight_smile:


Great thanks everyone that cleears that up! It’ll just hopefully save a bit more money if we can buy little snacks instead of big meals!


Great question!!!

Really good to know, thanks everyone!


I definitely recommend hitting up the grocery stores where ever you stay to stock up on snacks. Stopping for snacks during your travels at the gas stations can get pricey and may not have as wide of a selection, if eating healthy is your goal.


Great tip Amy THANKYOU!!!


Should be fine.A roll/sandwich and drink is no problem