Food Fund?


I am one month out from my tour (European Venturer) and I have started to notice that I have not been informed about how the food fund works on these tours. I am curious to know if I will be taking extra money out of my planned spending money while on the tour or is it already paid for since I have already paid in full for my trip? [br][br]Any information on this topic is helpful[br][br]Thanks[br]Tina


Normally they have a food fund or a local payment which is ontop of the trip cost. I know for the trip Im goin on its $300 (but thats 3 week tour and includes things other than food)[br][br]theres something on the venture one about the compulsory food dund, but it doesnt say anything about how much which seems a bit strange. Best to phone em up or summet i think but Id expect that you will have to pay some


Hi there - I work for Topdeck and I saw your posting so I thought I would let you know what is happening. Because you booked and paid in the USA your food fund is included in the total cost of your trip. No need to worry now - just have fun! Cheers Tiggy


Thanks to both of you. I am looking forward to my trip it is almost time.[br][br]Tina


Hi there! [br][br]Is that the same case for people in AUS that have booked and paid in full???[br][br]Off to Europe in June!


Hi, Tiggy again. Re booking for your trip in AUS…the food fund is separate because that has been the way it has been done for many years - the price is the same it is just that it is not shown as one total amount. I think this was originally done this way so that travellers could be sure that there was a certain amount put aside for their food. Topdeck is a relatively new product in the USA and they are not used to this concept and we were advised by our main selling agents that this could confuse new consumers in the US.[br]I hope that explains the sitation! See you in June!!