Hey everyone,

Im hoping my partner and I can go on the EuroHotel tour- European Odyssey next yr (around May/June) and I was wondering what was the accomodation like? and did anyone go with a partner or friend as a twin share and end up having another person share your room? Also whats the food like?? And Im unsure how much we money we should be taking for food N sourvenirs etc…if anyone could help it’d be much appreciated!!!


Hey Missy,
I just got back from the European Odyssey tour last week! I travelled with my boyfriend, so we had a double room in every hotel.
The accommodation was fine, obviously some places were better than others but none were downright horrible. Most places gave us two single beds that had been pushed together, but it was still good. None of our hotels were horrible, although Florence was definitely not as good as the others because our room stank of cigarettes. The smell got through all our clothes, even the ones that didn’t leave our suitcase. It was gross, but the cigarette smell can be unavoidable as you are allowed to smoke everywhere in Europe! I’m used to Sydney, where smoking is banned everywhere.
The food was good, breakfast consisted mainly of cereal, bread rolls, ham and cheese, pastries, tea, coffee, juice, and you’ll find toast occasionally.
The Topdeck recommended budget of 60 Euro a day is enough, I over budgeted for 100 Euro a day (and bought a heap of souvenirs) and still had plenty of money left over by the end of the trip.
Let me know if you have any other questions!


Great thanks so much, I can imagine the accomodation isnt going to be 5 star which would be nice lol…but as long as its not horrible as u say…Thats OK then:), Yeah we’re trying to save so hard cause I know we’ll be spending a lot:) Also did you get alot of free time? I know you stay in pretty much all of the places for 2 nights but did you get much time to explore those places? Cause I know most of the time would be spent travelling by bus to these places…But thanks again hope you had a great trip…



Hi Missy and Brianna,

My partner and I are also looking to do this trip next year around June.

Brianna, you said you budgeted 100 Euro a day and had plenty left over - was this 100 Euro per day each, or, 100 Euro to cover both of you? At the moment I am budgeting around $200 per day to cover both of us - so i suppose around 150 Euro after conversion.

Very hard to figure out how much I should be budgeting for!

Thanks heaps :slight_smile:



Hi ladies,

Missy, we did get a fair amount of free time. Before I started the tour, I was a little worried that two nights in one place might not be enough time to properly explore, but it really was fine! You can arrive at a new city anywhere between 3pm - 6pm, depending on the drive day, and that night there’s usually some kind of driving tour of the city so you can get your bearings for the next day - your free day. On the free days, you can do whatever you want. Some people would sleep in until around 10am and then have a wander around, or others would get up between 6am - 7am to head out early and have the full day to explore.
If you want to go somewhere like the Colosseum in Rome, or the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, get up early and be there as soon as the place opens as it doesn’t take long for the queue to spread out down the street. Otherwise, I never felt like I missed out on anything or that I didn’t get enough time to see the city.

Jessica, my boyfriend and I budgeted for €100 a day each, so together we had €200. €150 for both of you will be fine! On the drive days especially, you don’t spend much. Between €10 - €20 for lunch and snacks for the bus and that would be it for the whole day. Sometimes we’d go to the supermarket the night before a drive day and get things like fruit, chips or lollies because it was cheaper and easier than lining up at the truck stop.
I was actually surprised by how cheap things were in Europe, I’m from Sydney so everything is quite expensive and we get a lot of import taxes in Australia, but entry to the Louvre was only like €12. I over budgeted because I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t run out of money, and I didn’t want to not be able to buy the souvenirs I wanted because it was over daily budget. But €60 a day seems pretty reasonable, €150 should be plenty.

Let me know if you have any more questions! The trip was amazing, you guys will have the best time!


Hey Jessica,

Let us know what date your thinking…It’d be good to get to know someone before we go:) but we’re thinking end of may/early june.,…just depends because we’re doing a egypt tour the week before…But thanks heaps Brianna for all ur help!..Im sure as it gets closer I’ll swamp u with last minute Q’s lol…:slight_smile: