Following Caesars Footsteps alone! August 26th-3rd Sep


Hey Guys!
Is anyone here doing ’ Caesars Footsteps’ on the 26th August 2017?? I’m a solo traveller from Australia and this will be my first experience overseas, let alone on a tour! I’ll be moving to Poland for an Internship straight after, so I would love to meet some amazing people along the way to connect with!
Cheers xx


Hello, yes! I will be finalising payment over the next few days! I have been sitting here so nervous as it is my first time and by myself also. Are you doing any other tour before this one?


That’s so exciting! Where are you from? I’m actually moving to Europe, so I arrive In Rome the day before and then do the tour for the week, stay the night In London and then fly out to my new home to start work! So scared! Are you doing any other tours?


Oh how exciting for you! I’m from Newcastle Aus. Where are you from? I’ll actually be in Rome the day/night before also. Yes I’m doing the pronto Ibiza fiesta before it. Which finishes up two days before this tour. Have you done a tour before? :slightly_smiling_face:


Awh that is so cool! Where will you be staying? I am from Brisbane Aus. I’ve never done a tour before so I’m not sure what to expect, how many have you done?


Ah nice, I have family up there. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m staying at the topdeck hotel, not sure which one though, I think it’s the same one the tour will start at? And I’m also staying in London for 3 nights at the end of it. Do you know where you are staying? I haven’t done a tour before so it’s a new experience for me too. I’ve read some good feedback though. I’m pretty nervous/excited.! There’s a few discussions with ideas of essential items to pack. Have you come across them? The dates of the tour are 27th August- 2nd September. I just read the dates you have up. I’m assuming we are doing the same but you added in the extra nights? Lol :slightly_smiling_face:


Would you be staying at the Nova Domus Hotel in Rome? That is the hotel we meet at, according to my travel agent :smiley:
I will be staying there on the 26th and then the 27th at 3pm is apparently when to tour starts. I was originally going to stay at the hotel we end the tour at too but cost wise it was cheaper to stay at My Place Hotel which is walking distance from the hotel. So I will be staying there for my night in London after the tour finishes. What will you be doing in London for the three days you have at the end? :slight_smile: This is exciting for the both of us! I am far too nervous but luckily all of the videos and forums I’ve been looking at have been helpful. I have a list of everything I need to pack if you need to run anything past someone. Oh and you’re correct, I am doing that tour but accidentally dded the night I’m in Rome and the night I’m in London when I posted this aha


Hey shenae, me and my wife are on the 26th aug tour. See you buddy. :slight_smile:


Hi there! That is so exciting! We are getting so close, see you there!