Flying with backpack and suitcase


Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on attaching a backpack to the outside of their suitcase. I’ll be travelling for six months and so will be bringing more than just what need for my tour (as I’ll be in Europe from Summer-Winter).

I’m easily under weight restrictions for flying but am having trouble fitting much other than my pack inside my suitcase. Emirates let me check multiple items as long as the total is under 30kg, but both airberlin and british airways only allow one piece of luggage. does anyone know a good way to attach the pack to the outside of my suitcase, so I won’t have problems with checking it, and so i can avoid a 50EUR fee each flight for an extra piece of luggage?


How big is your backpack? to big for carry on? would depend on the type of case and backpack you have… i know my own case has a strap at the top of it which I can attach things under… last time I traveled Europe I attached my sleeping bag through it most of the time… you can also buy luggage straps to do a similar thing…


a backpack should be big enough? i travelled for 4 months with just a 55L. :slight_smile:


Have you consisdered sending home stuff you no longer need? I had this some problem when I travelled Europe, with changing seasons. I ended up sending a few packages home, cost me about $30 for a box packed with summer clothes and books. Or think about if you really need it? Throw some stuff. You can always buy stuff again.