Flying solo - how did you cope?



I’m hoping to go on the European Wonder tour next year. I’m most likely travelling solo and generally quite quiet. Just wondering if anyone else who is a bit introverted can share a little on how they coped on the tour??? Really really excited about the prospect of going, but terrified that I’m not going to “clich” with anyone on the trip :slight_smile:

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, although I’ve never actually done a coach tour before, I’ve travelled on my own before all over the world so I may be able to help.

You really won’t have to worry. Travellers and backpackers are just meant to talk to each other, and anyone who doesn’t want to talk to you isn’t actually worth talking to anyway. So basically you’ll naturally find the right people to hang out with on your tour.

I think that so long as you can manage to turn up the right time and right place for your tour you’ll have no problems with anything. This is my advice to most people with most of the questions on this forum - turning up to sit on a coach really isn’t that difficult - this is not a personal slight by any means, but some of the questions here really do make me guffaw.

So basically my advice is relax and just look forward to your holiday. The little things will sort themselves out, and the big things probably won’t even happen.

Happy touring!


You won’t have a problem. There will be plenty of solo travelers in the same position.

My ancient wisdom: if you’re reeeeeeally shy, just have a drink or three and you’ll get plenty social :slight_smile:



Well, actually, I’m going to travel solo, I’m just waiting, tour starts on august 3rd 2010, European discover, and i really have thought that maybe it’s a good way to become a little more independent, and this gives you the chance to meet a whole new crew, and friends, I’m just a little shy, but i believe that thing’s are going to be OK.

By the way, if someone is going to travel in the same tour, let me know, thanks