Flu Shots?



Just wondering if anyone is getting the Swine Flu injection before they go on their tour?
Think you can get one that not only covers Swine Flu but a whole range of others.

I hadn’t even thought of doing it until the other day, but think I may have left it too late?!! - I leave Aus. on 29th April.


Cheers :slight_smile:


Yeah im planning on getting a flu shot (just the general one think it covers a couple of strains). In the midst of a cold/flu at the moment had it for a week and its still going strong. I dread the thought of feeling like this on a tour!!


Hey all. As one who works in healthcare, please keep in mind that the flu season in Canada, UK and USA are normally not until October as this is our winter flu season. Anyone doing a tour between may and september will likely get a cold because of the busses, but unless other people from Aus and NZ bring the flu with them, it’s likely that you won’t get it from the public.

Just wanted to share my thoughts. I hope that no one gets the flu on board a trip!


I’ve just booked in a flu shot for today…I leave on the 25/4. They told me it takes about a week before it starts to protect, so if you get it sooner the better i guess. I’ve had this every year through work and I don’t seem to get sick or anything so hopefully its all good.


So cold medicine is a must. I had my flu shot sometime in nov.


I know the swine flu vaccination is free in Australia, but how much is the standard seasonal flu vaccination? Has anyone had the hep A vaccination? I want to get that too which can be transmitted through food.


I paid $20 for my flu shot by a GP at a local medical centre. I think it covers swine flu too.

I got all my hep A + B shots done before I went to south east asia a few years ago…I went to a travel doctor for this and paid a lot for various shots, but I’m pretty sure once you get the hep shots your protected for life.


Once you get hep a shots you are. For hep b you’ll need to have a blood test done to check your antibody levels. Some people need up to six hep b shots and some people may never be immune.

Sharing all the information I learn from work!