Flights around Europe


Hey Sconny,[br]There are 4 cheap airlines to keep an eye out for-Ryanair, Easyjet, Aerlingus and Wizzair. Cheapest I’ve flown for is ?16 return to Oslo, most expensive ?39 return to Geneva. Ryanair is MEGA budget and has some fantastic deals, plus fly to very radom places be warned though they tend to land miles away from the actual destination, Easyjet-not as many locations, a bit more pricey but better service and land where they say they are going to, Wizzair for mainly European mainland flights and Aerlingus does mostly Ireland/UK with some Europe mainland flights. Ive flown with everyone except Aerlingus.[br]Also, the best website apart from these is, this is like webjet(in Australia) and searches all airlines for there best deals. I’ve just booked a weekend to Copenhagen for ?32 return thanks to their help.[br]Hope this helps you and have an awesome trip.[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009[br]Brugge Christmas Market Weekend 19-20 Dec 2009[br]Hogmany Edinbrugh 30 Dec 2009


Hey…[br][br]I’m from the UK so can maybe help with the cheap airlines[br][br]Ryanair are defo the cheapest (as someone already said). They normally do flights for 0p!! except they will slap on quite a bit of tax sometimes. They are probably the most basic airline.[br][br]Then there’s Easyjet which is a step up really from Ryanair and a bit more pricey but still pretty cheap. [br][br]There’s also Jet 2 and that flies from the UK (mainly from Leeds) for places in Europe)[br][br]There’s BMI Baby too. [br][br]Aer Linguis is the Irish one so they mainly fly out of Dublin to the rest of Europe.[br][br]Wizzair only fly from Luton airport (kind of near London) I think and to places like Poland, over that side[br][br]Then there’s the Eurostar that leaves from London St.Pancras train station and is a fast train that heads to France, Germany, Brussels, etc. You can get some decent deals for that and its a different experience.[br][br]And lastly there are ferries Newcastle and Hull to places like Amerstdam and the Netherlands[br][br]Oh ye i forgot theres a cheap airline called Flybe too[br][br]Hope this helps![br][br]Pyramids and Beaches, February 2009


Hi Sconny[br]I also plan on doing some touring after my tour![br][br]I don’t want to have any set plans ( where to go and when, we will just take it as it comes) though will flights be more expensive to book on the day? or should i prepare a little and book a great deal now? Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,[br]Just to shed some light on the deals airlines are offering at the moment. Sconny is right, June is more expensive to travel but there are still some good deals. Easyjet has just released earlybird deals for Summer but I can understand it might be difficult to plan that far ahead unless there is somewhere you REALLY want to go that you don’t visit on Topdeck.[br]I generally stick with Ryanair, they have crazy deals each week. This week its ?1 return flights on selected dates, and are usually only for travel in the next 2-3months so if you have an idea of where you want to go they are a good option. I can’t comment on the bmi/flybe deals as they are for more Northern areas (I’m based in London).[br]If you use Ryanair be careful-apart from Ryanair landing in some very random areas they have stacks of hidden charges. You MUST check-in online and print off your boarding pass if you don’t or if the barcode doesn’t print properly they charge you at the airport. Use a Visa debit card to pay for your tickets, it’s an extra ?10 if you use a credit card. Easyjet also charge you more for using a credit card but not so stingy on where/when you check-in. They also have no weight restrictions on carry on but size does matter.[br]Hope this helps[br]Happy Travels[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009[br]Brugge Christmas Market Weekend 19-20 Dec 2009[br]Hogmany Edinbrugh 30 Dec 2009