Flights and Visa's


i’m looking into booking one of 3 tours. Kiwi Encounter, Grand Kiwi or the Spirit of the Pacific but i want to know first about flights and Visa’s.
Do i need a Visa? If so what type?
What flights are included if any?
I know that the Spirit of the Pacific does not include the flight to New Zealand in the price but what about the flight to the destination and back home after the trip is over? or have i misunderstood the information?

has anyone been on any of these 3 trips before? if so can you shed some light on this for me please? Or is this information sent to me once i confirm and pay for the trip?


  1. What passport do you have? Every country has different requirements to be able to enter NZ.

  2. Flights aren’t included in the tour to and from your destination.

  3. Go see a travel agent - they will be able to help with all of this haha

  4. Book it :slight_smile:


NZ is small so I can’t imagine you’d be flying anywhere on this trip as Topdeck is all about the coach tours so you would travel by bus.


hmm, then i wonder how we will get to New Zealand from Australia? no i am sure that we need to pay for the flight between and the flight/transport is not included.

I have booked it. and i have a British Passport.

Thank you for your help!


If its a tour that visits Australia & new Zealand then obviously you will fly hahaha. It will show you in the brochure. It will have a little plane symbol.


It’s in bold on their website “flight not included in this trip” :slight_smile: