Flexibility On Trips


Out of curiosity, does anybody have advice on how lenient the Tour Guides will be in regards to potentially doing our own thing for a night? Assuming of course that I’m back at the site well before we need to leave the next day.

More specifically, I’m doing a camping trip through Western Europe in a month’s time and it just so happens that during our two nights in Switzerland, a couple of our close mates will be in the same village as us. I’m pretty confident that it will be fine, but I thought I’d ask anyway: will we be able to dodge one of the planned dinners and go out to dinner separately with them for a night? It’s all very local so I can only assume it’ll be fine…

Has anyone who’s been on a trip managed to ride solo for a couple of hours without hassle?



On my trip our Trip Leader was fine with people doing their own thing - as long as we told them we wouldn’t be there for dinner or whatever. The bonus of Topdeck trips is that there’s plenty of free time and you are actually encouraged to explore places on your own, whether it’s day or night time!



I totally agree with Elle. The last tour we did we spent 4-5 nights on the town behind ourselves and all we did was let the tour guide know what we were doing so her head count was right. We were given local transport options at every place we stopped and catching the public transport back to the accommodation was actually part of the fun of the visit.



I just finished a tour and we were completely free to do our own thing anytime. As long as we were on the coach when it was ready to leave for the next place, we could do pretty much whatever we wanted.


sweet as, sounds like we’ll be relatively free to go solo for a day or two… cheers everyone, appreciate it