Jsut a randon question

Am doing 2 tours back to back so am travelling for 60 days total, im not a fitness freak at all but definately want to enjoy all the amazing foods on offer throughout Europe but still want to be able to fit my clothes at the end of the trip! lol ;D

Just some feedback from past travellers do you have time at all to fit in a 30min run or something every couple of days or are youpretty much go go go the whole time? Or do you do enough walking round exploring the cities to burn off a few calories?

Thanks guys


Its says on the itinerary on the page of the tours you are doing when you have free time. I too am doing two tours back to back and I am a gym junkie (2-3hours a day 6 days a week min). It is my understanding that there is alot of walking etc and bike tours. I dont see why we cant enjoy the foods and the culture on offer to us in a moderate way. Dont forget that there will be dancing when we go out at night. You can do small things like, take stairs instead of lifts. Every bit helps.

But yes there is free time for you to spend how you please.


wow… didn’t even think of this. Lucky for me I enjoy being unfit hehe ;D


Awesome thanks for that.

Yeah i fogot about the dancing bit i love to dance wen i go out sober or not! lol ;D

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No worries.

Sara…we are actually doing that same tours but your on month later! Sara(h)'s…we are just awesome! LOL!


I found doing the europe tour, the best way to see the sights & is cheap is to walk (especially paris)! the tours are pretty full on and most cities we did a walking tour either with topdeck leader or local tour guide (berlin) so getting exercise wasnt a problem.


I was thinking about this… I kind of have to stay fit while I’m away so I figure what better way to see a city than run around for 30mins a day!

Bottom line is I’m taking my running shoes and if I use them cool! The only downside I see is I hate washing and will have to do it a lot in order to avoid stinking out my bag!


I did 2 tours back to back 72 days and partied every night and didn’t put on any weight. There is a lot of free time but when your seeing the sights the best and cheapest way is to walk every where. So you get plenty of excersice.