First time traveller


I’m fresh out of High School and off traveling to England to see my family. Whilst I’m there I thought I would tour Europe before uni. I was thinking of doing a 2-3 week trip but I’ve heard some very iffy things about top deck tours. Obviously I’m keen to drink and party but I do actually want to see things as well. Whenever I searched on the net I got; sex, drinking and long time on a bus.
Some actual advice would be super helpful. Should I just venture out alone and see how much I can see? Which in the long run is better for a ‘newbie’ like me :slight_smile: haha


I’m booked in for a 24 day tour through out Europe. It is my first topdeck tour and I have had friends travel with them before. My friends state that topdeck is a great company to use. I believe you get what YOU want out of any holiday. If sex and drinking is where you want your holidays to go then it could go that way. If YOU want to see things and enjoy the cultural aspect then YOU can make that happen. I personally would not right off doing a tour just because people have different ways of enjoying/exploring countries. And as for a bus tour, well that’s self explanatory really… In order to get places you have to drive :slight_smile:
Katie don’t get blind sighted. Be aware of what you want from a tour and if you feel it could be a positive adventure.
Some things are what YOU make of them hun. You may never know unless you give it a go. :slight_smile:


I’ve had friends who have traveled extensively through Europe and have used several tour companies and all of them say that Topdeck is the least rowdy of them all. But it all depends on the people you are touring with and the places you’re going- obviously if you’re doing a tour of ‘party city’s’, then expect a lot of debauchery. Also take into consideration the cost of the tour- Topdeck are slightly more expensive than other tour operators that aim at a similar market and I think that helps to weed out a lot of the ‘riff raff’ that you get on other tours.


Hi Katie!

I’m in the exact same position as you - just finished high school in Australia and traveling on my gap year. I’ve already been away from home a month and am booked on the Mega European and Britain and Ireland tours over April - June. I’m finding that it’s pretty easy to travel alone if you can be independant, but I do miss my family and friends. I highly reccomend traveling for as long as you can, because who knows when you’ll get the opportunity again, but also know your limits as to how long you’ll be happy to be away.

If you need any advice, feel free to message me :slight_smile:


im fresh out of high school and going to england to see my family too! snap :smiley:
im doing the europe unplugged tour, seems awesome :slight_smile: