First time traveller Southwest States April '16!


Hey first time traveller and am doing it solo! Am wondering if anyone else is travelling around this time or if they’ve done it previously what they thought! I’m a QLDer too.



Hey Harry,

I’m doing “Coast to the bay” 1st May 2016 and also going solo for the first time. What Topdeck tour are you looking at?



Hey Ashley, I’m doing the ‘Southwest States’ tour starting April 21st I believe. I’m also spending a couple of nights in vegas before the tour starts!


Hey there! I am also doing this tour - super excited!

I never realised topdeck had these forums for travellers - nice to get an idea of who is going beforehand!


Oh sweet so I’ll at least know someone beforehand haha
I only knew about this because my mate told me about it beforehand.

Traveling solo or in a group?


Oh sweet!

Going solo for this one!


Yeah ditto! Are you going anywhere before the trip? Or flying into LAX and meeting up with the tour group? I’m flying in a couple of days before to spend my birthday in Vegas haha


Yeah heading into LA to see a friend from the 18th til when the tour starts! Wooo that is so exciting! I love Vegas - you will have an amazing birthday haha. Are you meeting up the group when we get into Vegas? I completely forgot to think about that!


Oh that’ll be wicked! I fly into LAX on the 19th, 2 nights in Vegas and then meet up with the tour group.
Why the south west states?


Oh that’s so sweet! So keen for this trip! Ahhh I’m living in Vancouver at the moment and wanna get some travel done before heading home and New Orleans and the Grand Canyon were high on my list. And Texas obviously so pumped. Why’d you choose this trip?


I’m currently in stinking hot western QLD for work haha so counting down the days before the big trip.
Yeah that’s pretty much the same reasons as me, I’m spending a couple of nights after the tour in NO as well to experience it. Jazz bars and good food (hot sauce in my bag swag) haha and want to eat a big old Texan steak and see a 'gator


Yessss so keen for it. Ready for all the food and the good tunes along the way. I wonder if there are any good shows in Vegas at the moment actually! Kinda wishing I extended in New Orleans for a bit, but good for a first trip anyway!


It’ll be Vegas off season while we’re there unfortunately, but the blue men and that really cool burlesque show is there. It’ll be awesome for a first trip, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it haha. You should convince your mate to take you to Vegas beforehand!


Yeah that sucks! But still some good entertainment there! I’m heading to Disneyland and universal studios while in LA to go to Harry Potter world and I’m counting down the minutes to that so just the Vegas on tour for me :slight_smile:


I’m getting so pumped! 8 days of work and then I’m outta here! Just think, this time in 3 weeks you’ll have been to HP land!


Woo hoo so exciting! Absolutely cannot wait for HP yew!

Enjoy your birthday celebrations before the tour!