First Time in Hostels


Hi all,

In June 2011 I’m going on the Eastern Explore (leaving June 7).
This will be my first time staying in hostels and I don’t really have much of an idea what to expect.
How do you keep your stuff secure?
How many beds typically per room?
What are the washroom facilities like?
Any other advice or info would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Mychal,
First, I would recommend small locks for your bags that are left in the room. I have seen some people purchase some fairly extravagant lock systems, but I really think minimal is your overall best bet. Most hostels you may find yourself staying in will be furnished with some type of security upon entrance, locking doors for rooms, and often even additional lockers or other ways to secure your things. I was quite comfortable with the security but you’re never wrong in being cautious.

A few tips on security:

  • Avoid taking unnecessary valuables
  • Divide valuables (including your means of accessing cash), important papers/documents, and their copies between bags. (Nothing like losing a single wallet or bag and being completely ruined.)
  • Of course, during the day, you may wish to take certain things e.g. passport, camera, etc. - just make sure you are very aware of belongings and have possession of them. You may find yourself wearing a daypack or backpack in front. - It looks silly, but I’d rather look silly and have all my things than not. You can always opt for money belts or a bag that is better accommodating than a backpack. “It’s called a ‘satchel’, Indiana Jones wears one.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Rooms: As far as lodging, many hostels offer different rooming options from private rooms all the way up to 16 person multi-share dorms; however, on a EuroClub trip, typically, Topdeck will provide a room to you to be shared with anywhere from 1 to 3 other people. If you are traveling alone, you’ll most likely find yourself rooming with the same sex.

Laundry and Washrooms: The facilities at the hostels/campsites that I encountered offered a few washers and dryers which were, to my surprise, usually unoccupied when I need to use them. :slight_smile: No guarantee that you will not have to wait, but best of luck!
Remember that not all hotels/hostels will have on-site laundry. Many do, but you may have to find a laundromat close by. - I would bet that your Trip Leader will have extremely helpful information on this at each destination. One more and final tip, pay attention to tidbits given to you by your Trip Leader; he/she may have some good advice on when/where to do laundry throughout the trip - making it a whole lot easier for you to plan out your wardrobe and laundry washes.

Any other questions or more specific inquiries - I (and many others) would be glad to help!


Thanks Thomas,

I understand locks, but they’ll only help keep people out of my bags. What about people taking my bags altogether? What portion of hostels have lockers that you know of? And approx how much to they cost to rent/use?