First solo trip and not sure which would be best.. please help guys!


Hi guys! I’m from Brisbane Australia and I am planning on my first solo trip but i don’t know whether to keep the first one fairly local (southern explorer- nz trip) or may be Japan during October? Any Tips?


Hey :slight_smile: I did my first solo trip to New Zealand last year and I was in the same boat as you. I decided to do a trip closer to home then do a bigger trip which is Europe in 2 months. I did the kiwiana panaroma with contiki which I had a ball and I did both islands but the south is amazing especially Queenstown. Hope this helps you out and if you want any advice on New Zealand do be shy to reply :slight_smile:


Thanks Jack!! Yeah I’m a bit nervous about travelling alone but it should be hella fun! I think i will do the South Island. Baby steps right?! Then Europe trip next year!! I should book soon i think… any tips for winter trips?


Tip for winter tips is to get a warm jacket, gloves, beanie, puffer vest, basically clothes that will make you warm. I went in summer as was so beautiful. I did 19 days in NZ was worth the value and baby steps yes I was nervous before the flight but flying with air new zealand made me more safe like I have traveled inter state before. You will be fine its not that far its 6 hours for you?
In queenstown go to Fergburger best burgers or devil burgers I was told were also good. Have you looked at contiki and topdeck or just topdeck?


Why you are going outside from Australia when you can find various places to visit in Australia. You said you are from Brisbane. So go for a long drive to cairns or go to the Whitsunday Islands.


Hi there,

If your goal is to step up to a Europe trip, just jump right in and do that first!

I’ve done a few TopDeck trips as a solo traveller - the great part of Top Deck is that they are well set up for solo travellers and lots of people go solo. You’ll make friends really quick and the trip leaders are full of useful info.


Hi Priyagenie…!!
Jump in and do EUROPE… that’s crazy I know.
My first SOLO was Europe in 2011 and not a tinge of regret.
Small-built, the ONLY Asian from Singapore for the entire 46 days!


The ‘Europe Inspired’ Tour!
I’m booked to go on this trip, leaving May 18th 2018.
I think they are also having a special on this trip at the moment!
Good luck :slight_smile:


I just booked my first solo trip to Europe in 2018 & am so excited! I think if you are doing a tour such as the ones Topdeck provides, then you’re bound not to be the only solo traveller & if you are, you definitely won’t be solo for long! I agree with the other comments & say jump in the deep end & go for it - it can be a little daunting but so many new experiences, friendships & memories if you do it! :slight_smile:


HI Nomesb1 what tour are you doing this year? :slight_smile:


Hi Jwebb,
Sorry, I didn’t see your message until now. I’m going on the Grand European in August this year. Are you going too or on another trip?


Hi Nomesb1,

That’s ok. I am doing the Summer Compass tour in June.


Hey! Im also from Brisbane Australia and planning on doing my first solo trip early next year! Im jumping straight in (much to my mums dismay) and doing the 20 day Discover Winter Europe trip! Go big or go home right? Hahaha. Im sure whatever trip you choose, you will love!


Enjoy your travels & have an amazing time :slight_smile: