First big overseas holiday


This is my first big trip overseas before and I am going solo… I was thinking of doing the Summer Fun and Sailing tour and then staying a few days extra in London before flying home. What are the best places to see in London?? Also, I know it varies heaps but I have no idea how much money to take with me and how to take it? is a cash passport best?



There is so much to do an see in London it all depends on what youre into, you could do the touristy things and see the changing of the guards at buckingham palace, see big ben, westminster abbey, go on the London Eye, see the tower of London, go up Tower Bridge, they also have the tour buses that takes you to all the sights and they are reasonably cheap.

in regards to how much money to take if you budget between 75-100 a day you should be more then right, but it all depends on how much you are planning to spend, i try to budget for 100-125 a day just so i know ill be able to go all out and do everything i want to do, cause it would be a shame to travel all that way and realise u havent budgeted properly.

i used a cash passport last time which was good but what sucked was ATM fees, so this year when i go back im just gonna bring my debit card and just withdraw money over there.